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The Simons Entertainment Group is a major innovator of events in the amusement park, fair and shopping center industries. The company has held more than 2,000 children and adults sporting events across the United States, Canada, and Europe over four decades.

The American Putting Classic was created as a Father's Day promotion at major shopping centers in 65 U.S. cities. Four to six colorfully graphic 3' X 12' courses converted the malls center court into a tournament golf atmosphere. A round of golf consisted of 18 putts - with distances of 2' to 12'. The special event featured personalized scorecards, leaderboard and a unique scoring system that simulates tour events. Everyone could participate and have fun - regardless of athletic ability. Each course was stanchioned to make players feel like they were playing "inside the ropes". More than 25,000 men, women, and children participated with players scores posted on a custom leaderboard. The event was recognized as one of the top mall events in the United States. There were hundreds of requests to purchase the course.

The Simons Entertainment Group decided to produce a high quality American Putting Classic course that could be purchased by the public. Steve and Elyse Simons spent more than a year finding the manufacturer and printer that would create their course on carpet. Our new course is printed utilizing a 4.5 million dollar Chromo-Jet Printer. The course has a perfect roll-on graphically colored rich carpet that is bound on all edges. A special onenpiece foam wedge was engineered to attach the course with Velcro strips. Your American Putting Classic course features special rules, scorecards, leaderboard and many extras.

Steve and Elyse Simons

Steve and Elyse Simons