Events and Entertaining

Hold your own Golf Event - Create exciting entertainment for your clients and/or employees utilizing our challenging, high quality 18 hole putting carpets!

  • The American Putting Classic is a great theme for any event
  • Create a safe, high impact, participation event for your clients
  • A wonderful and unique promotion for fundraisers
  • Everyone can play regardless of their age or athletic ability
  • Great recreation for hotel guests and visitors
  • Our luxury putting carpet will become the center of attention at every social gathering

Our Background The Simons Entertainment Group has organized, coordinated and promoted over 2700 live large-scale fair, children's festivals and shopping center events over the last 30 years. Major corporate clients have included The Step2 Company, Newell- Rubbermaid, Gerber Products Company, The Hasbro Toy Group, The Miller Brewing Company, Nike, Fan Club Stores, L&F Products, The Brown Shoe Co., The Guinness Corporation, Kransco, CBS Records, A & M Records, Warner Brothers Records, STP Corporation, and U.S. Tobacco. Steve Simons Productions television division has sold events to CBS and effectively syndicated its promotions in more than 100 United States television markets, nationwide in Canada and Europe. Experience with all aspects of event production provides a strong foundation for our golf event and your clients.

Overview The American Putting Classic can be held in a relatively small area of a special event. The courses are a colorful golf display together with an event that will closely simulate a professional golf tournament. Colorfully designed golf courses (3' wide by 12' long) that include 18 holes of tournament play (both front and back nine) will create an authentic tournament venue. Prominently displayed leader boards will post names and scores of all participants. The concept is so unique that four players can play a round of golf in less than twelve minutes regardless of their age or athletic ability. A special scoring system has been designed to enable all participants to score like professionals.

American Putting Classic courses will provide you the opportunity to hold events all year. It is especially a great event in cold weather. The 18 hole putting courses (your option on number) can each be identified with fun names, slogans or themes. The courses are identical so the integrity of scoring remains consistent.

We recommend that each presentation be a spirited competition.We have established qualifying score standards for each participant to reach the finals. The event can set up in less than one hour and does not require a large amount of staffing. Specially designed scorecards with rules can become table tents or handouts at your selected venue.

Implementation THE PROGRAM IS ENTIRELY SELF-CONTAINED. These items represent a sample of what the American Putting Classic can provide for your events.

  • Shipment from California of your selection of Putting Courses, putters, golf balls, and trophies from our suppliers.
  • On-line ability to customize both your scorecards and leaderboards. A special camera- ready slick of the scorecard that can be personalized for each client or company name and logo.
  • On-line example of a generic press release that can be customized to meet each clients specifications.
  • A complete instructional manual - simplified - with detailed instructions for planning, staffing and presenting the American Putting Classic.